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Tax Services.

Studio Paci offers assistance and tax advice to entrepreneurs and professionals at every stage of business management, from the opening of the business to ordinary and extraordinary management.

The Firm provides a complete support service in the opening of a VAT number and in the determination of monthly or quarterly VAT settlements, as well as in compulsory tax declarations such as the Modello Unico, the Modello Irap, the Annual VAT Declaration, the Modello 770, the Single Certification and Intrastat forms.

Studio Paci also provides assistance and consultancy on direct and indirect taxes, offering its support also at the offices of the tax administration.

The professionals at Studio Paci are highly qualified in offering assistance in tax planning, to help their clients optimise the management of their activities.

In addition, the firm offers extraordinary tax assistance in connection with non-recurring corporate transactions, such as reorganisations, mergers, transfers, demergers, sales, and acquisitions of companies, businesses and shareholdings.

Finally, Studio Paci also offers assistance in tax litigation and advice on succession and donations, to guarantee its clients a complete and tailored solution for every need.

Thanks to the team's competence and professionalism, Studio Paci represents a point of reference for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient tax assistance and consulting service.


  • Assistance to Clients in the start-up and management of ordinary activities, such as:

    • Opening of the VAT number;

    • Determination of monthly or quarterly VAT settlements;

    • Tax declarations (e.g. Unified Tax Return, IRAP Form, Annual VAT Declaration, 770 Form, Single Certification, Spesometro, Intrastat forms, etc.). );

    • Assistance and advice on direct and indirect taxation


  • Assistance and consultancy to Clients at Tax Offices (Tax Office, Regional Inland Revenue Directorates and Ministry of Economy and Finance);


  • Assistance in tax planning;


  • Extraordinary tax assistance in connection with non-recurring corporate transactions (reorganisations, mergers, transfers, demergers, sales, purchases of companies, shareholdings, etc.).


  • Assistance in tax litigation;


  • Advice on succession and donations

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