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Property Management.

Studio Paci is the trusted partner for all property owners who want efficient and carefree management of their properties.

The team of highly qualified professionals provides comprehensive assistance in both fiscal and administrative matters, taking care of all the necessary activities to ensure the smooth running of property management.

Studio Paci assists its clients in the drafting of residential and commercial leases, guaranteeing quick and easy telematic registration of the same.

Moreover, the team takes care of all telematic variations due to takeovers, extensions and terminations, simplifying the management of lease contracts.

In addition, Studio Paci performs the calculation of ISTAT revaluations, guaranteeing compliance with the regulations in force and adequate management of real estate assets.


Studio Paci, by supporting Clients owning real estate property in the management of fulfilments relating to both fiscal and more strictly administrative aspects, specifically deals with:

  • assisting the Client in the drafting of residential and commercial lease contracts and their subsequent telematic registration;

  • carry out telematic variations due to takeovers, extensions and terminations;

  • manage the active invoicing cycle;

  • perform the calculation of ISTAT revaluations;

  • manage, if expressly requested by the client, the relationship with tenants


Flat Tax 2024: Professional Support for Short-Term Rentals

Studio Paci, Chartered Accountants in Milan, is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating the new provisions of the 2024 Budget Law, which introduces significant changes to the flat tax, a specific taxation for short-term rentals.

We provide highly specialized consultancy to facilitate our clients' understanding and implementation of these recent regulations. This assistance directly impacts the rental strategies adopted and the responsibilities related to safety standards.

Updates to the Flat Tax for Short-Term Rentals

Effective from January 1, 2024, the rules relating to the flat tax for short-term rentals (maximum duration of 30 days) will undergo significant changes.

The tax rate will be increased from 21% to 26% starting from the second rented property, while maintaining 21% for the first home.

These changes will have a significant impact on the taxation of owners with multiple properties for short-term rentals.

New Safety Standards for Tourist Rentals

Concurrently, stricter safety standards for tourist rentals are being introduced.

The new provisions require the mandatory installation of gas and carbon monoxide detectors and the presence of portable fire extinguishers, with one extinguisher per 200 square meters and at least one per floor.

Studio Paci provides assistance in compliance with these safety standards, supporting clients in implementing the necessary updates.

Strategic Consulting for Property Owners

With the new regulations, property owners are advised to reconsider their rental strategies. It is advisable to evaluate the possibility of limiting the number of properties designated for short-term rentals, in order to reduce the tax burden.

Studio Paci offers strategic consultations for optimal rental management and to ensure full compliance with tax and safety regulations.

Personalized and Comprehensive Services

Studio Paci offers a complete and personalized service to guide clients through these important changes, ensuring maximum tax efficiency and compliance with regulations.

Our approach is focused on tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

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