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Pianificazione e Tutela Patrimoniale Studio Paci Milano

Estate and wealth planning.

Studio Paci is specialised in estate planning, offering advisory services aimed at protecting and managing personal, family and corporate wealth. 
Our key estate planning services include:

  • Estate, tax and inheritance planning: assistance in defining the best strategies for wealth management and transmission

  • Protection of personal, family and corporate assets: support in protecting assets through appropriate legal and tax instruments

  • Business generational transition: advice in organising the business transition between generations

  • Inheritance and gift taxation: handling the tax aspects of inheritances and gifts

  • Taxation of real estate transactions: support in the tax management of real estate transactions


Our approach is based on a thorough analysis of the client's wealth situation, and then developing tailored and suitable strategies. 

As chartered accountants specialising in estate planning, our role is to support clients in planning and protecting their assets, identifying specific tools from both a tax and legal perspective, such as:

  • Creation of an estate fund: assistance in the creation and management of an estate fund to protect family assets;

  • Creation and management of trusts: support in the creation and administration of trusts to protect and manage assets

  • Use of insurance policies: advice on the use of insurance policies as an asset protection tool

  • Establishment and management of holding companies: assistance in the establishment and management of holding companies for estate and tax planning

  • Succession analysis and support: advice during the succession process to ensure a smooth and fair transition

  • Wills and possible management of the execution of a will: support in drafting a will and managing succession issues

  • Donation: assistance in planning and implementing donations for the transmission of assets

  • Family pacts: advising on the conclusion of family pacts to regulate the management and transmission of assets

  • Destination bonds: support in the implementation of destination bonds to protect and manage specific assets

  • Tools for the generational transition of businesses, such as contribution and shareholders' agreements: advice in choosing the most appropriate tools to ensure an effective transition of businesses between generations



Studio Paci, thanks to its experience in the field of estate planning, is able to provide a comprehensive and tailored service to address the complex challenges that arise in the management and transmission of wealth. 
Our priority is to offer effective solutions, based on proven methodologies, in order to ensure maximum satisfaction and success for our clients.

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