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📝🔍 Updates on Italian Declarative Models for 2024

📜 Official Release of the 2024 Declaration Models

The Italian Revenue Agency has recently issued, through seven distinct measures, the final models for the 2023 tax year's income declaration, including 730, REDDITI, CNM, and IRAP.

These Models, available on the Agency's official website, provide the necessary instructions for completion, introducing noteworthy innovations.

🔄 Simplifications and Innovations in the REDDITI Models

A key change concerns the RU framework of the REDDITI models, now simplified by reducing the information required, thereby easing the completion process for taxpayers.

Additionally, the RF framework introduces significant modifications for business income, including:

  • Extension of the suspension of depreciations for 2023, as specified by article 3, paragraph 8 of the DL 198/2022.

  • Facilitative regulation for the transfer to Italy of economic activities previously conducted in non-EU states.

The code 97 was also introduced in the RF framework, to denote income from seized or confiscated property assets, exempt from taxation under article 51, paragraph 3-bis of the DLgs. 159/2011.

🏗️ Tax Incentives and Building Interventions

Innovations also touch on tax incentives for building interventions, specifically referring to the superbonus, applicable for expenses incurred in 2023 and 2024 with different rates, and the discontinuation of the facade bonus for expenses from January 1, 2023.

Moreover, the furniture bonus sees a reduction in the maximum expenditure limit to 8,000 euros for 2023.

📅 Submission Deadlines

For 2024, the submission deadline for the REDDITI, IRAP, and CNM models is set for October 15th, aiming to stabilize the deadline to September 30th starting from 2025, marking a significant step towards more regular submission timelines.


What are the updated declaration models for 2024 by the Revenue Agency?

For the fiscal year 2023, the Revenue Agency has released updates for the 730, REDDITI, CNM, and IRAP models.

These models, along with their instructions, are crucial for income declaration and reflect the latest legislative and regulatory changes.

How were the procedures in the REDDITI 2024 models simplified?

In the update of the REDDITI models for 2024, a significant simplification was introduced, particularly in the RU framework, by reducing the information required.

What tax incentives were introduced in the declaration models for 2024?

The declaration models for 2024 include various tax incentives, such as the extension of the possibility to suspend depreciations and the facilitative regulation for the transfer to Italy of economic activities previously conducted in non-EU states.

Additionally, new sections were introduced to manage specific fiscal situations, such as the recovery of substitute tax on profits and black-listed profit reserves, the liquidation of the extraordinary tax on banks' extra profits, and the option to adjust inventory stock to the actual stock situation.


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