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Extension of payment deadlines to September 15: clarifications from the Revenue Agency.

These are the subjects who can postpone to September 15 the payment of sums due from June 30 to August 31, 2021, based on their annual declarations.

How the extension applies in the case of installment payments.

In response to requests for clarification received from operators, with today's resolution No. 53/E - pdf, the Revenue Agency provides an overview of all the cases that fall within the extension granted by Article 9-ter of Decree-Law No. 73/2021 (Support Decree bis), also illustrating the criteria and schedule to follow in the case of installment payments.

Who qualifies for the extension -

Article 9-ter of Decree-Law No. 73/2021 (Support Decree bis), inserted by conversion law No. 106/2021, introduced for various categories of subjects the extension until September 15, 2021, without any surcharge, of the payments resulting from the income tax, IRAP, and VAT declarations that expire from June 30 to August 31, 2021.

Those who can benefit from the extended payment deadlines are subjects engaged in economic activities to which the Synthetic Indices of Fiscal Reliability (ISA) apply and who declare revenues or fees not exceeding the limit established for each index by the relevant decree of approval of the Minister of Economy and Finance.

Deferred payment is also available for taxpayers who, for the tax period ending on December 31, 2020, apply the simplified flat-rate regime, the advantageous tax regime for young entrepreneurship and workers in mobility, to subjects participating in companies, associations, and enterprises (under Articles 5, 115, and 116 of the TUIR and who meet the requirements indicated in paragraph 1 of Article 9-ter), to those who determine income with other types of flat-rate criteria, or, finally, who fall within the other causes of exclusion from ISA.

The new schedule for installment payments -

Those who opt for installment payment can pay the first installment by September 15 and, consequently, the subsequent deadlines will also be extended, on which interest at the rate of 4% per annum will be due (pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 1, of the decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance of May 21, 2009) starting from September 16.

However, it is not possible to defer the payment due on September 15 for an additional 30 days with an increase of 0.40 percent as compensatory interest.

Those who have already paid the first installment according to the ordinary terms can continue the payments according to the deadlines provided by the original installment plan, but for the installments that expire in the period June 30-August 31, 2021, the deadline can be considered postponed to September 15, 2021, without the application of interest.

If multiple payments with freely chosen deadlines and amounts are made by September 15 (without, therefore, using any installment plan), it is possible, finally, to pay the due balance in a single solution, no later than September 15, 2021, without interest, or in a maximum of four installments, of which the first to be made by September 15, with the application of interest starting from the installment following the first.


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