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LM Income PF Framework 2023: what's new for the Flat Rate Scheme.

The LM framework of the 2023 PF Income model presents some innovations compared to the previous version regarding the incomes received from Minimum and Lump sums in the year of tax 2022.

This framework is intended for taxpayers who join the advantage regime for youth entrepreneurship and mobile workers, as well as those who benefit from the flat-rate regime .

The four sections of the LM framework remain unchanged compared to the previous version, i.e. section I for Minimum taxpayers, section II for Flat-rate taxpayers, section III for the determination of the tax due for both regimes and section IV for the exposure of uncompensated losses.

However, compared to the previous version, section III has undergone some changes regarding the presentation of tax credits.

In particular, 5 new tax credits have been added, namely:

  • the tax credit for tourist business rental fees referred to in article 5 of Legislative Decree number 4 of 2022;

  • the Social bonus tax credit;

  • the tax credit for the installation of integrated storage systems;

  • the tax credit for donations to the ITS Academy foundations at 30%;

  • the tax credit for donations to the ITS Academy foundations at 60%.

Finally, it is important to note that the exclusive structural variation that affects taxpayers in the flat-rate regime does not directly influence the compilation of the LM framework, but on its consequences: the Budget Law 2023 increased the revenue threshold useful for remaining in the regime, which went from €65,000 to €85,000 (reported per year).


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