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The ESG Impulse and the Growth of Sustainable Startups in Italy

The startup landscape in Italy is experiencing a significant evolution, focused on innovation and investments in the field of sustainability.

The financial sector is progressively moving towards responsible investments, focusing on ESG criteria - i.e. Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance.

It is important to note that, over the last three years, over $4 trillion has been invested in ESG funds in Europe, representing over a third of overall investments.

A methodical study called “Sustainability Waves | ESG Italian Startup", sponsored by the European Commission and supported by various organisations, analyzes the genesis and evolution of Italian startups that operate with a focus on sustainability.

These startups are characterized by their attention to environmental and social issues.

In particular, they highlight a commitment to gender equity; around 60% of these companies have a board of directors with a female majority, while 59% have a gender-balanced workforce.

This highlights the importance of inclusion and diversity in the context of sustainability-oriented startups.

Furthermore, these companies are adopting flexible and innovative working models.

Approximately 28% have integrated work flexibility, and a significant 72% have implemented corporate welfare programs, signaling a holistic approach to employee well-being.

From an environmental point of view, these startups are proactive in contributing to safeguarding the ecosystem.

77% have launched initiatives to reduce environmental impact, which include waste management and the sustainable use of natural resources.

More than half of these companies use advanced technologies to minimize their ecological footprint.


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